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Provide our pool of investors access to the growing tech startup ecosystem aiming to reach the best investment returns by supporting entrepreneurs' innovative solutions with financial and intellectual capital with a long-term view, enabling them to sustainably build out their business.


We are born from our network and we believe that the collaboration of many different people's skills and connections with diverse points of view to build fast great companies. We are entrepreneurs talking with entrepreneurs.

We like great businesses that are addressing the real needs of LATAM and the U.S markets.

We invest in intelligent and resilient founders that spend all their time and energy solving their business’ core issues. We listen to help to create value.

We engage our network to quickly generate the maximum impact in sales, focusing on growth to be a global company.

We foster a balance between capital commitment and intellectual contribution, seeking to reach the next funding round in the U.S.

Our commitment

  • Provide resources to accelerate growth, consolidate business plan execution for a next round investment window.
  • Partners’ focus (as advisors and/or Board Members), targeting value creation through required business model adjustments.
  • Two-way route where Investors get educated on the principles of investing in startups while giving back by providing access to combined sector knowledge and relationships.


We are expert investors in the best B2B startups in Seed/Series A/B stage with potential to enter the American market. We make primary and secondary investments. We source our deals within our extensive network built up over the last few years, and through our professional life. We know the business and seek to safely multiply investment, as we focus on startups that are already operational and have a robust execution model. We look for a focus on vision and business, product and its usability, data and processes, with technology as the critical business underlying fabric.

  • Late seed stage sweet spot reducing the ”valley of death risk” while producing the type of returns we see, Seed, Series A, Series B and Secondaries;
  • Target participation of 10% for board seat and/ or advisory role;
  • Average ticket ~US$2.5MM per investment;
  • Innovative SaaS based solution targeted at enterprise clients for an identified problem that can create impactful and immediate results;
  • Subscription weighted revenue stream with limited capex;
  • Tested product & business model geared towards classic B2B with a relatively low customer acquisition cost;
  • Inspiring and engaged founders with capability to set up winning teams and face challenges;
  • Business model that can be replicated in new geographies and markets;


Risk return relation compatible with proposed timing to enter and exit the company


Comprised of experienced professionals with roles based on profile and background

We are a fund with a leading group that works closely with an extremely exclusive network of entrepreneurs and executives of large enterprises with access to capital that understand our investment selection thesis and demonstrated interest to participate in fundraising.

Our team, led by Geraldo Neto, started to use this business model in 2012 with 40 investors. The GAA Investments in Florida was created in early 2017 with just 12 investors..

In only 5 years, GAA portfolio grew to 14 companies, attracting more than 140 investors, achieving an IRR above 50% pa, with 1 unicorn and 5 Series A rounds. We forecast the other 9 companies to go for series A in 2022 and 2023.

And now, with the experience of other entrepreneurs bringing much more depth to what to look for in a startup, we launch the Staged Ventures Investments.

With Flávio Pripas, ex-head of Cubo Itaú in Brazil, Investor at Redpoint eventures Brazil, one of the main VCs, Camila Farani, Shark Tank Brasil, LinkedIn influencer Top Voice, Douglas, and Daniel Almeida, publicists and media specialists, founders of Stayfilm, a Brazilian fundraising case.

Together, we are constantly looking for opportunities in Brazil and LATAM, focused on the thesis of startups with global B2B solutions, interested in Cross Border strategy. 

Geraldo Neto

Founder and General Partner Executive at Staged Ventures

Weston, FL

Geraldo Neto is an entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience in various verticals such as civil construction, international trade, retail and technology.

He has also been an angel investor since 2002 in Brazil, as one of the leaders at Gavea Angels, the first organization of angel investors in Brazil.

Geraldo is a Founder of GAA Investments, and Board Member several companies.

Flávio Pripas

investor at redpoint venture capital brazil, general partner at staged ventures

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Flavio Pripas, a seasoned executive with a proven ability to execute, with 2 exits, who was head of Cubo in Brazil, Investor at Redpoint eVentures and currently CSO of Digibee.

Camila Farani

Partner G2 Capital and Venture Partner at Staged Ventures

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Camila is is an investor in the Brazilian version of Shark Tank, CEO of G2 Capital, an investment focused on tech startups, is a Board Member of Gavea Angels, Modal Bank, Nuvem Shop and PicPay.

Camila is highly recognized and respected in the Brazilian and international startup community and acts as a special strategic advisor to GAA Investments.


Rodrigo Bernardinelli

CEO at Digibee and Board Member at Staged Ventures

Miami, FL

Marcelo Souccar


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sandro de Camargo

Sr. Director, LATAM Alliances & Channels at ServiceNow AND Advisor at Staged Ventures

Miami, FL

Alexandre Graff

Global Senior VP & Managing Director at FICO and Advisor at Staged Ventures

Miami, FL


Fernando Cariello

Co-Founder Base Miami and ADVISOR at Staged Ventures

Miami, FL

Marco Santos

President USA and LATAM GFT and ADVISOR at Staged Ventures


Douglas Almeida

Co-Founder & CEO at Stayfilm, ADVISOR at Staged Ventures

São Paulo, SP

Daniel Almeida

CSO at Stayfilm, ADVISOR at Staged Ventures

São Paulo, SP

Laercio Albuquerque

Vice-President for CISCO Latin America AND Advisor at Staged Ventures


Peter Kreslins

Co-Founder CTO at digibee and Advisor at Staged Ventures

São Paulo, SP

Vitor Sousa

Co-Founder at Digibee and Chief Industry Solution and Advisor at Staged Ventures

São Paulo, SP

Aluisio Ragazzi Fonseca

Ex-president of Amcor Latin America, Ex-president of Tetra Pak for Americas and advisor at Staged Ventures




Our customers experience digital transformation up to 70% faster with less cost. Digibee's eiPaaS enables system integrations for IT leaders at the largest companies around the world. Whether its data integration, legacy system integration, or cloud migrations, we lead our customers to more successful and efficient solutions.

Breakthrough innovations by our world-class research team

The EC AI platform combines natural language understanding, machine learning, explicit knowledge models, and automated reasoning to empower a new class of AI applications capable of efficiently learning and delivering explainable intelligence

Leveraging cutting-edge industry insights, Inyo’s solution is not only robust but is also meticulously designed with compliance in mind. It's primed to support diverse use cases, catering to everyone from Fintechs, Banks, to Insurance and remittance players who wants to join global payments..

The Bakery team have deep knowledge of engaging with the global ecosystem to deliver value for large corporates. Our unique approach and wellproven programs help you to Partner, Build and Invest in the brightest entrepreneurs, founders and startup ventures, enabling you to create the future.


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Smart Capital accelerating disruptive companies

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